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Booking and Deposits

In placing an order with Spoon & Sprinkles, a non-refundable deposit is required to secure the requested date. Please note that it is only once deposits are received and cleared, that your booking date will then be fully secured. All wedding cake and celebration cake orders require a non-refundable deposit of 50%. Failure to make payment of the deposit may result in your order being cancelled, and your date being made available to someone else. All payments can be made via bank transfer, cash or PayPal. Full balance is due 4 weeks prior to the cake delivery date for wedding cakes. For other celebration cakes, the full balance is required 2 weeks prior to the delivery date if paying by cheque/bank transfer. Final payments in cash only will be accepted on the delivery date and no later. Failure to make payment of the remaining balance may result in your order being cancelled. Once payment has been received, confirmation will be sent to you.

Late or Non-Payments

Late or non-payments may result in the loss of your booking date or cake. In the event of a late or non-payment, the order will not proceed until alternative funding has been agreed and payment made in full. In these circumstances, subsequent completion of the order on the required date will not be guaranteed and becomes subject to availability.


All cancellations of orders must be in writing (Please Note: – All deposits are lost on cancellations and are not exchangeable for another type of cake).

All deposits are non-refundable and therefore will be lost if an order is cancelled. In the case of a wedding cancellation, 8 weeks or more before the date, 50% of the total cost will be retained. Less than 8 weeks: 100% of total cost payable shall be retained. Orders for celebration cakes that have been cancelled with less than 4 weeks notice will not be refunded, even if paid for in full.


If you have a complaint regarding the cake or flavours, then a sample of the product must be returned to Spoon & Sprinkles for testing as soon as possible (no later than 2 days). We cannot warrant a refund for complaints regarding a change of mind to the cake design or flavour. Any complaints regarding a cake design will be taken into consideration. However refunds are to the discretion of Spoon & Sprinkles, and cannot be guaranteed.

Change of Wedding Date

If, for any reason you will to re-arrange the date of your wedding, we will try our best to accommodate these changes without any additional charges, provided sufficient notice is given, and that we are able to provide a cake on the re-arranged date. However, if we are fully booked on your new wedding date and cannot provide the cake, it will only be possible to refund your deposit if the request is made 8 weeks or more prior to the date. If you cancel your cake order after requesting a change of date, no refunds will be made to you (the client), under any circumstances.


For orders that are deemed suitable for collection, your order may be only be collected at a pre-arranged time.Should you wish to change the collection details we will do our best to accommodate, but cannot guarantee availability. Deliveries: We will deliver at the time and address agreed with the customer. If we cannot deliver because there is no-one to receive the product or the address provided is wrong, the product will be returned and will be held for a maximum time of 24 hours.

Delivery charges depend entirely on a distance and time calculation. The set-up of a wedding cake at a venue will be included in the time format. It is strongly advised that wedding cakes are delivered by Spoon & Sprinkles (if available) to ensure the cake is safely situated and presented to a high standard.  In some cases, some cakes are unsuitable for collection, as they may be required to be assembled at the venue, only by Spoon & Sprinkles.

Spoon & Sprinkles cannot be held responsible for where the cakes are finally stored or how a venue may have set-up or moved the cake. On the day, we will try to ensure that your cake is presented at its very best, but we cannot be held responsible for the location of the cake at the venue, the stability or levelness of the table upon which the cake is displayed or items surrounding the cake. Please note that under warm conditions, such as direct sunlight or any extreme conditions, all cakes are at risk of melting or being damaged.

All orders, for both collection and delivery, will require the customer to confirm the cake is in good condition before it is handed over. Each cake order will be photographed before collection and at the venue to ensure proof of product. Once the cake has been collected or delivered, Spoon & Sprinkles cannot be held responsible for any interference or damage to the cake. The transfer of ownership equates to the transfer of responsibility;, therefore, the responsibility of the cake is transferred to the client upon delivery of the cake.


Spoon & Sprinkles possess the ownership rights of all product designs, this is not transferred to the client on ownership of the cake. This includes any designs made by Spoon & Sprinkles throughout any part of the design/order process before payment. Although images can be used to give an idea of design, we cannot and will not copy other designs. The price stated after the design brief is non-negotiable, as each cake is different and priced accordingly.


It is the responsibility of the customer to advise us of any allergies when ordering a cake. A complete allergens list will be provided, and any allergens within that product will be made distinctly visible to the customer. Spoon & Sprinkles may not be held accountable for any reactions to a product.

Spoon & Sprinkles does not cater to any gluten or dairy-free requirements.

Nuts: While all precautions are taken in our kitchen, we cannot guarantee a nut free environment. A lot of the ingredients that go into our cakes are produced in factories where nuts are used.

Other allergies : All our cakes contain, eggs, wheat, gluten and soya.


All cake products and decorations will be edible, unless stated otherwise by Spoon & Sprinkles. We will inform of any product that should be removed before serving, including cake supports for a multi-tiered cake or large topper. Any glitters used on a cake will be edible, unless also stated otherwise. Spoon & Sprinkles works closely with the Food Standards Agency to ensure all products are safe for consumption.

All of our coloured fondant/icing may contain artificial colours that have been found to show a link with hyperactivity in children.

These artificial colours are:

Sunset yellow FCF (E110)

Quinolone yellow (E104)

Carmonisine (E122)

Allura red (E129)

Tartrazine (E102)

Ponceau (E124)

Please make sure you read and understand this information before fully completing your order.